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Quality Control

Fitone Group considers quality as a top priority and creates an environment in which both our management and employees strive for perfection. We have a professional quality control team that implements quality testing at each step of the manufacturing process. Our rigorous internal control ensures all products we produce can comply with the highest quality standards. We are also highly reliable on fulfilling the customer demands for large orders on short notice due to strong production capacity.

Class 100,000 Clean and dust-free workshops

One hundred thousand grade clean workshop is the workshop with the highest level of cleanliness. Its main function is to control the cleanliness and temperature and humidity of the atmosphere where the product is in contact, so that the product can be produced and manufactured in a good environment.

Fully auto machines

The advantages of high speed production line of two - hand mould is: Under the condition of the same speed, this line can double the output and reduce the heat loss of part of the production line.

About Us

FITONE GROUP is a professional latex male condoms, latex gloves, nitrile gloves manufacturer located in Guangdong, China. 
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