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Frequently Asked Questions about Latex Products

  • How should you handle a tear or puncture in a sterile surgical glove?

    If a tear or puncture occurs in a sterile surgical glove, the glove should be removed immediately and the affected hand should be washed thoroughly. A new sterile glove should then be put on to replace the damaged one. This helps to reduce the risk of contamination and maintain the integrity of the surgical field.
  • Can you wear jewelry with sterile surgical gloves?

    No, it is not recommended to wear jewelry with sterile surgical gloves, as jewelry can create a risk of contamination or act as a source of bacteria. Rings, watches, and other forms of jewelry can also pose a risk of puncturing the gloves, reducing their effectiveness as a barrier to bacteria and other contaminants. It is best to remove all jewelry before putting on sterile surgical gloves.
  • How should sterile surgical gloves be disposed of?

    Sterile surgical gloves should be disposed of in accordance with the facility's infection control procedures and local regulations. They should be placed in a designated sharps container or other approved biohazard container for disposal. Disposing of gloves in this manner helps to reduce the risk of exposure to blood-borne pathogens and other hazardous materials.
  • How long can you wear sterile surgical gloves?

    The length of time that a surgeon can wear sterile surgical gloves depends on a variety of factors, including the type of procedure being performed, the amount of physical activity involved, and the surgeon's own level of comfort. On average, a surgeon can wear sterile surgical gloves for 2-3 hours.
  • How should sterile surgical gloves be stored?

    Sterile surgical gloves should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and sources of heat. They should also be stored in their original packaging until ready for use to maintain their sterilization.
  • Can sterile surgical gloves be reused?

    No, sterile surgical gloves are designed for single use only and should not be reused.
  • How long are sterile surgical gloves effective?

    The effectiveness of sterile surgical gloves depends on the conditions of use and storage, but they usually have a shelf life of 5 years.
  • What are the standard sizes of sterile surgical gloves?

    Sterile surgical gloves come in various sizes, ranging from extra-small to extra-large, to fit the hands of different individuals.
  • Are sterile surgical gloves safe for individuals with latex allergies?

    For individuals with latex allergies, nitrile or neoprene gloves are recommended as they are latex-free.
  • Are there different types of sterile surgical gloves?

    Yes, there are different types of sterile surgical gloves, including powdered and powder-free gloves. Powdered gloves are treated with a powder to make them easier to put on, while powder-free gloves are treated with a polymer coating that makes them easier to don. There are also different types of materials used in sterile surgical gloves, including latex, nitrile, and neoprene. The type of glove used will depend on the procedure being performed and any specific requirements of the facility or surgeon.
  • How are sterile surgical gloves sterilized?

    Sterile surgical gloves are typically sterilized using ethylene oxide gas, which is a highly effective sterilant that can penetrate even the smallest crevices in the gloves. Other sterilization methods include gamma radiation and electron beam technology.
  • What are some common applications for sterile surgical gloves?

    Sterile surgical gloves are commonly used in a wide range of medical and surgical procedures, including but not limited to:
    Operating room procedures
    Dental procedures
    Examination of wounds
    Administration of injections or IVs
    Collection of specimens for laboratory analysis
    Care of patients with infectious diseases
  • Can the product be customized?

    Yes, please contact us to know more about the details of customization.
  • Can I get discount from buying your goods?

    As everybody knows, the price depends on the quantity. We will decide it according to your demand.
  • Can I get free sample?

    Yes, we are honored to offer you samples. You only need to pay the delivery fee.
  • Why should I choose you?

    Here are the advantages of our enterprise:
    1. Strong quality management team to guarantee premium quality.
    2. Highlight innovation and own 2 invention patents and 12 practical patents.
    3. Reasonable price with best delivery time.
    4. Professional sales team to provide excellent customer service on OEM, ODM and OBM.
    5. Fast response in 24h 7/7, we will always be at your disposal for any questions.
  • Are you factory?

    Yes, we are a professional factory of medical gloves and condoms.

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