What Types And Uses Of Different Male Condom

  • Male latex condoms are one of the most popular forms of contraception, against STDs and HIV. There are different types of male latex condoms that cater to different needs and preferences. 
  • Classic Condoms are the traditional form that provides basic protection against pregnancy, STDs and HIV. 
  • Ultra Thin Condoms are for those who want to feel more pleasure during sex without sacrificing safety. 
  • Ribbed Condoms have ridges for added stimulation during intercourse. 
  • Dotted Condoms have raised dots to increase pleasure for both partners. 
  • Long Duration Condoms are designed to last longer than regular condoms, reducing the need for frequent reapplication. There are also flavored and extra lubricant condoms available for enhanced intimacy and comfort.

Fitone Advantage---Male Condom

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Male Condom Parts

The male condom consists of four parts: base ring, body, head, and reservoir tip. 
 The base ring is a thin ring that keeps the condom in place. 
 The body usually classifies into classic smooth, texture surface and contoured type. 
 It can have design enhancements, such as studs or ribbing, to increase pleasure. 
 The head is the part that fits over the penis head, with varying widths and shapes. 
 The reservoir tip minimizes strain during use and collects semen at climax.

Customer Requirements

The customer provides us with the specifications for their own brand of condoms, including packaging, labeling, and other requirements.
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Quotation and Sampling

Our sales team will provide a quotation based on the customer's requirements, and upon agreement, we will provide a sample for the customer to approve.


The finished products will be delivered to the customer according to the agreed delivery schedule.


Upon approval of the sample, we will begin mass production based on the customer's specifications.​​​​​​​

Quality Control​​​​​​​

Our quality control team will inspect the products during and after production to ensure that all requirements are met.​​​​​​​

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