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Advantages of latex surgical glove

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Latex surgical glove is a kind of gloves. It is different from ordinary gloves. It is made of latex. Can be used in homes, industry, medicine, beauty, and other industries. It is an essential hand protection product. A latex surgical glove is a latex glove made of natural latex material or synthetic latex material and processed with other fine auxiliaries. The product is treated with a special surface for comfortable wearing. It is widely used in life. The main purpose is as one of the important protective measures for medical staff, which can play a good role in protection and isolation so that medical staff can avoid the harm of bacteria and viruses. Let's take a look at the advantages of latex medical gloves!

Here is the content list:

  • Fits the skin for extended wear

  • Accurate size, suitable for use in a variety of environments

Fits the skin for extended wear

latex surgical glove is made of latex, which is elastic and degradable. Latex surgical glove is also called rubber gloves. Latex is a natural material derived from the sap of the rubber tree. Natural latex is a biosynthetic product. Latex surgical glove has excellent performance and is also suitable for allergic skin and long-term wear. latex surgical glove is an ideal material for medical gloves, which is highly fit to the skin of the hand and has superior comfort. For non-sterile procedures involving high-risk exposure to blood or body fluids; handling sharps, handling cytotoxic substances and disinfectants.

Accurate size, suitable for use in a variety of environments

The size of sterile latex surgical powdered gloves is very accurate, because doctors have to wear surgical gloves for high-precision hand movements, so the requirements for gloves will be higher. First of all, a latex surgical glove has the advantages of natural conditions to produce latex, which has good elasticity, good softness, and is easy to wear. And comfortable to wear, and free of oxidants and silicone oils, greases, and salts. And strong tensile strength, puncture resistance, and not easy to break. Excellent chemical resistance, resistance to a certain acidity and alkalinity, and resistance to some organic solvents, such as acetone. Low surface chemical residues, low ionic content, and low particle content for use in strict clean room environments. In some industries with a high frequency of glove replacement, it is usually recommended to use latex surgical gloves, which can not only avoid cross-infection but also greatly save Replacement costs, such as industries with high hygiene requirements such as the medical industry, laboratory, food processing industry, etc.

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