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Anti Static Nitrile Latex Glove For Food Prep Anti Static Nitrile Latex Glove For Food Prep
Anti Static Nitrile Latex Glove For Food Prep Anti Static Nitrile Latex Glove For Food Prep


Anti Static Nitrile Latex Glove For Food Prep

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This latex glove is made of high-quality latex and can be used with many food preparations such as cooking, eating,and washing vegetables. It is soft and comfortable to use,and it has smooth surface to prevent burns.

FITONE GROUP is a manufacturer of first-class surgical glove

Advantages of our Teamwear

l Anti Static Design:The anti static latex glove is a product you can count on for food preparation, food handling and many other applications where sticking your hand to generate static electricity easily.

l High Quality Material:The anti static latex gloves are comfortable and fit, which makes you feel more comfortable. Soft-touch 100% latex has the best performance and durability, which is very suitable for any medical staff.

l Use Flexibility :Its textured surface provides dexterity with a special design that does not restrict movement, making it versatile for use in numerous food prep procedures. This glove features a textured palm to increase friction and grip.


Introduction of company

l FITONE are the brand name for corporate brand production with new style, quality assurance and more than 20 years experience in manufacturing.Our team of designers and designers that take part in this process all have a passion for developing products that meet customer needs.

Customer Reviews

l The latex gloves for food prep are made from 100% natural latex, which is durable and safer to use than synthetic materials.It has completely replaced the position of synthetic gloves in my heart.

l The nitrile latex food prep glove is a great choice for preparing foods in the kitchen. The nitrile material provides a soft and smooth feel while being more durable than many other gloves.I am very love it.

l It's perfect for use in food prep areas and will last you a long time.The Natural Latex Gloves are environment-friendly and make sure you can feel confident about your ability to hand wash your skin every day after touching raw meat or eggs.

l The gloves are made of 100% natural latex rubber. With good elasticity, they help you get more protection than ordinary plastic gloves while keeping your hands dry.My family all likes to use it.

l How difficult it is to choose gloves that suit your needs. I didn't know there were such comfortable and high-quality gloves until I used the nitrile latex gloves.I will recommend it to everyone.

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FITONE GROUP is a professional latex male condoms, latex gloves, nitrile gloves manufacturer located in Guangdong, China. 
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