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Biodegradable Disposable Latex Surgical Glove for surgery Biodegradable Disposable Latex Surgical Glove for surgery
Biodegradable Disposable Latex Surgical Glove for surgery Biodegradable Disposable Latex Surgical Glove for surgery


Biodegradable Disposable Latex Surgical Glove for surgery

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The biodegradable disposable latex surgical glove is usually stocked in hospitals. They have an advantage of being inexpensive and durable. They provide comfortable protection from contaminants that lead to contact dermatitis, also protects a wearer against mildew, fungus and mold growth.

FITONE GROUP is a manufacturer of hot-sale surgical glove

Advantages of our Teamwear

l Environmental protection:The latex surgical glove adopts biodegradable materials which reduce the burden on the environment.It also following the principles of Community of Shared Future for Mankind.

l High Quality Material:Our latex surgical gloves are made from the highest quality of quality medical grade materials. The super-absorbent material will keep your skin dry, comfortable and safe from outside irritants.

l Disposable:The disposable latex surgical glove with a single-use disposable design that keeps patients free from germs and bacteria. These gloves are ideal for practicing in the clinic, on a daily basis or during surgery.


Introduction of company

l The company insists on focusing on customers, taking the market and customers as the center, listening to customer needs and winning customer satisfaction. Whether it's close communication with customers, interview for ideas, or feedback from relevant resources and platform organizations, these ways of close contact with the market constantly consolidate the collection of market data, enabling the company to deeply understand the factors that drive customers to buy and choose, covering price, competition, academics, unsatisfied market demand, product use evaluation and other aspects. Input practical and meaningful information for the feasibility analysis of new products, product upgrading, product line development planning, market competitive sales strategy and even the company's development strategy, so as to further consolidate the market share, make the company's products more in line with customers' expectations, enhance brand influence and meet customers' diverse needs.

Customer Reviews

l This is the first time I order from FITONE GROUP.Great! My purchase was delivered earlier than expected. The latex surgical glove is beautiful and exactly as advertised online.I love it very much.

l It is a good online shipping experience,the price is reasonable,the customer service is also nice.All in all,the whole shop is beyond my imagination.I think it is a good choice for you to get the biodegradable disposable latex surgical glove.

l A frequent skin need is the latex surgical glove. This product is made from natural ingredients, which are good for your health. It will keep your hands safe from infection and help prevent cross infection after using needles. Simple solution for healthcare professionals!

l I am satisfied with this product and I really enjoy the design.The product featuring a durable material and easy to use.I am very love it.

l The glove is made of high-grade latex and is non-toxic, so it's safe to use even on people who are allergic to latex. The stitching is comfortable and durable which completely meets my needs.


About Us

FITONE GROUP is a professional latex male condoms, latex gloves, nitrile gloves manufacturer located in Guangdong, China. 
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