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Sterile Disposable Latex Surgical Glove For Operation

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From a hospital’s perspective,consider sterile disposable latex surgical glove for operation a better choice for your healthcare institution.Sterile disposable latex gloves provide excellent durability and sealability, providing more comfort to patients and nurses.

FITONE GROUP is a manufacturer of excellent surgical glove

Advantages of our Teamwear

l Sterility:The material of this glove is anti-bacterial and is completely free of any materials that may cause allergic reaction, so you can use it without any difficulties. It's also a good choice for nurses who need to use their hands frequently.

l High Quality Material:The sterile disposable latex surgical glove for operation is of good quality and made of high-quality raw materials and help ensure your safety when performing your surgical procedures.

l Comfort:This disposable latex surgical glove fits perfectly and it makes the operation more comfortable. It is comfortable to wear and it also keeps your hands free.


Introduction of company

l FITONE GROUP’s professional full range of sterile gloves for medical, laboratory and industrial applications complies with the strict requirements of the different healthcare sectors.We offer a large selection latex gloves to choose from.FITONE GROUP is your reliable supplier of quality medical gloves.

Customer Reviews

l The sterile latex glove is important for the safe delivery of surgical procedures, and this latex surgical glove provides form-fitting comfort and exceptional protection. Slightly flexible but strong, these gloves can be cut to fit individual wrists.

l The sterile latex glove has excellent tensile strength, so it won't tear or tear easily during operations.So that the high quality is beyond doubt.Go ahead and get started!

l It is widely used in the surgery, transplantation, obstetrics and so on. And it can also be used in medical checkup and basic healthy care.The hospital where I work has been using the surgical gloves.

l The sterile latex glove is very comfortable to wear and the material is smooth,but don't worry about its slippery feeling, because it will not slip from your hand.

l This surgical glove is disposable,so don't worry about its health and safety.We should discard it promptly and correctly after use.It is very convenient and saves cleaning time.

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FITONE GROUP is a professional latex male condoms, latex gloves, nitrile gloves manufacturer located in Guangdong, China. 
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