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Sterile White Latex Surgical Glove For Surgery Sterile White Latex Surgical Glove For Surgery
Sterile White Latex Surgical Glove For Surgery Sterile White Latex Surgical Glove For Surgery


Sterile White Latex Surgical Glove For Surgery

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To be safe and ensure a healthy surgery, it is important that you wear the proper surgical gloves.This high-quality sterile latex glove for surgery will help you get prepared for any type of surgery and protect your skin from scratches, germs and infections.

FITONE GROUP is a manufacturer of first-class surgical glove

Advantages of our surgical glove

  • Durability: The medical latex glove has a good durability which could help the doctor complete their operation. Our products are made of good quality materials to ensure longer service life.

  • High Quality Material: Our Sterile White Latex Surgical Glove For Surgery is made from 100% rubber and confers with the most stringent quality assurance standards. It's perfect for surgical operation, you can rub your hands without leaving any residue on the product. FITONE GROUP has been providing the best products to its loyal customers since a long time by providing them with many useful products.

  • Powder-free: The latex surgical gloved is a complete protection. It can be used to protect your hand from direct contact with the patient's skin effective avoiding skin allergy caused by powder.

sterile latex surgical glove

Introduction of company

  • The FITONE GROUP is a professional manufacturer of medical glove. Our products include Nitrile, Latex, and EO Latex Surgical Gloves. Our gloves are made from superior quality materials. We use only 100% natural latex for the glove shell and provide you with high quality and good price. The color of our glove is not only beautiful but also smooth on touch. In addition, we offer sizes XS to XL.

Customer Reviews

  • The sterile nitrile gloves I got are excellent, no better all-purpose gloves I have found, very comfortable and breathable. The price was reasonable and delivery was fast times as promised.

  • This is a good quality product, which I would recommend to anyone looking for high-quality latex surgical gloves.

  • Having had experience with all different types of surgical gloves, it's been my experience that the best surgical gloves are completely sterile. These sterile white latex medical gloves are ideal for a wide range of clinical applications as well as laboratory environments.

  • This disposable medical glove is perfect for surgery, healthcare applications, and examination. It is comfortable and ultra-soft.

  • This is a very pleasant shopping experience, with high-quality products and good business service.I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is interested in buying them!


About Us

FITONE GROUP is a professional latex male condoms, latex gloves, nitrile gloves manufacturer located in Guangdong, China. 
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