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EO Sterile Natural rubber Latex Surgical Glove

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The EO sterile natural rubber latex surgical glove is sterilized and puncture resistant for use under sterile conditions; Minimizes surface area of the skin, cutting down on bacterial contamination; Comfortable and ideal for use during elective surgery for maximum patient comfort.

FITONE GROUP is a manufacturer of trustworthy surgical glove

Advantages of our Teamwear

  • Durability: The EO sterile natural rubber latex surgical glove is suitable for medical use. It's made with superior quality latex and has good durability, which could help the doctor who uses it complete their operation.

  • High Quality Material: Our EO sterile natural rubber latex surgical glove is made from EO, it is a chemical material which is beneficial to sterilization.It is beneficial to keep the sterile state all the time during the operation, and the rubber material makes the gloves more docile, which is convenient for the operation.

  • Unique hand design: The EO sterile natural rubber latex surgical glove has a unique fingertip texture design, which greatly enhances the grip and effectively prevents slipping. It is beneficial to the stable operation.

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Introduction of company

We have 3 manufacturing plants, one oversea subsidiary in Belgium and over 20 branches across China. FITONE GROUP is also an enterprise puts high emphasis on innovation. We invest more that 30% of our profit on R&D and currently own 2 invention patents and 12 practical patents. As a result of emphasizing quality,our quality management system and products are certified by ISO13485, ISO14001, CE, GMP, KGMP and SABS certificates.We will always be your best choose.

Customer Reviews

  • The sterile nitrile latex surgical gloves I got is exactly what I expected, it was perfect in every way. The product came quickly and was as described by the seller. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is interested on buying them!

  • The quality of the product is good.The material used to make the gloves is excellent and makes it a good glove for medical purposes.I like it very much.

  • The medical gloves I used to wear were of poor quality, which left a bad impression on me,it waste of time and energy. But this shopping experience made me get a better product.I am very love the EO sterile natural rubber latex surgical glove

  • The size of the glove I got was perfect, it fit me very much.It was also easy to wear on my own without any problems. The price was more than reasonable as well.

  • This rubber latex surgical glove is ideal for the medical professionals and it is designed to fit perfectly onto my hand.They are highly durable and offer superior protection against soils and chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin.

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FITONE GROUP is a professional latex male condoms, latex gloves, nitrile gloves manufacturer located in Guangdong, China. 
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